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What will we cover in the virtual summer camp?

The Kindergarten Prep Summer Camp exposes kids to key skills they will need in Kindergarten and gets them excited about starting school!


Children will work to recognize and identify letters and letter sounds, gain meaning through listening, and comprehend and respond to stories.


We will work with children to explore dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts to help children engage all of their senses and develop their creativity.


Children will have the opportunity to learn, talk about and use numbers, shapes, and patterns to develop their mathematical thinking skills.



Children will learn key social/emotional skills including: how to play with others, how to control their emotions, and basic problem solving skills.


Children will be exposed to science skills that will help them make predictions and observations, identify and describe objects, and organize information.



Children will be exposed to the idea that they can become smarter through hard work, implementing good strategies, and utilizing feedback from others.


  • The camp begins on June 26th and ends on August 3rd
  • Families can choose to register for individual modules or for all 6 modules (at a discounted rate)
  • Each module includes two 30-minute sessions (either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Prior to each module, participants will receive an electronic guidebook containing the outlines, worksheets and assignments for that module, as well as a list of additional resources (i.e. library books, additional practice sheets, extension videos, etc.)
  • Each week we will focus on a different topic using a combination of books, worksheets, videos and games to help introduce and reinforce key skills
  • Each session will be broken into mini-sessions that are separated by “brain breaks” to help keep the children engaged
  • Students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the instructor to ensure that their individual needs are clearly identified and that the proper supports are provided
  • All sessions will be conducted via video chat, so children can participate via computer, iPad, tablet, or cell phone
  • Students who successfully complete any of the individual modules of the Kindergarten Prep Summer Camp will receive a Certificate of Completion


With over 15 years of experience helping school districts, curriculum companies, principals, school leadership teams and teachers increase student achievement, I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and passion to help empower parents as their children’s first teachers.

I look forward to working with families to help prepare their children for school success while building a community focused on equipping children to excel in the classroom and lead the next generation with honor, integrity and love!



Don’t wait until your children have started school to start exposing them to the skills they need to be successful. Help them get a jumpstart on their education by letting them practice with the tools, strategies and mindset that will put them ahead of their classmates once they’re in school. Let this summer be about fun AND learning so that your child starts school on the path to success!





$100 for a single week