Are You Ready to Show Your Kids Some Love?

If so, then join us for the FREE 7-day #lovethekids Challenge!

During this challenge we will explore ways to change our thoughts, words, and actions in order to show our kids more love as we lead up to Valentine’s Day!

Candy and cards are nice, but if you’re looking for a gift that will last a lifetime AND help you build your relationship with your child, then this is the challenge for you! We’ll be working through some fun, mindset-shifting activities to help you grow as a parent and learn to be more positive and purposeful in your interactions with your kids!

The challenge starts on February 7, 2019 and it only lasts for 7 days…but it will be a great way to work on your parenting skills and show your kids the TRUE meaning of love!

So, are you in?

If so, just enter your name and email address below and I’ll add you to the list! We have a private FB page where we’ll be sharing our daily #lovereceipts, so be sure to join the group once you sign up!

Ok – let’s show our kids some LOVE!