About 5 months ago I became an ESL teacher working to teach English to kids in China with VIPKID. I want my online classroom to be just as fun and engaging as my brick and mortar classroom was, so I bought TONS of props to help me teach my lessons. One of the props that I use at least once a week is this grocery basket that I purchased from Big Lots (I think), and because my 3 babies love it so much they end up playing with it too! Outside of realizing that half of the items are now missing, I never really pay much attention to what my kids are doing with it.

Well, one day I heard Kameron and Kori playing a game and realized that she could name all of the items in the basket.

Say what???

Yep! My 2-year old knows her fruits and veggies!

Don’t believe me? Just check out the video! 🙂