I consider myself a “Master Educator” who has it pretty much handled when it comes to my 9 year old son and his educational experience, but Day 1 of Domari’s 5-Day Challenge has completely transformed my vision for what I am creating for my son, and what success looks like for my family. I’ve done quite a few online courses, and the quality of content provided in this one is easily worth top dollar…and I still have 4 days to go!

Venus K.

This right here… my two younger girls playing…is HUGE. Abbey just wants to be with her older sister, but Brooklyn would get annoyed. And she would say she just wanted to be alone. But with working with her about feelings and being more attentive, and intentionally thinking about what she is doing and why, this week has gone much smoother than usual.¬†AND, this is the first time she hasn’t cried and screamed when I brushed her hair after a bath! Her hair is wild and gets super tangled, so I understand why. But by telling her that I understood it hurt, but it wasn’t the right way to respond, and also giving her another activity (roll playing with her dolls), she was totally fine with it! Just said “ouch” every once in a while.

Thank you, Domari, for giving me the tools in The Parent Empowerment Academy to help my children learn and grow in a fun environment.


Ashley A.