My Favorite Tools for Success

Welcome to my Resource page!

Over the years I have accumulated tons of resources that have helped me and my family along our pass to success, and since I truly believe that sharing is caring, I wanted to share some of my favorite tools with you!


Before checking out these awesome goodies, I have to let you know that some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Everything on this list is something that I have personally used and I recommend them because I have seen results, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not feel the need to spend money on ANY of these products unless you feel that they will help you and your family be more successful!

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…let’s talk about the goodies!!

The GEMS Mastery Program


Dani Johnson’s GEMS personality system is perhaps the simplest guide to understanding human beings that has ever been created. By shattering myths about human behavior, Dani empowers you to find harmony and common ground with everyone in your life! This in-depth program gives you practical application tips for using the GEMS methodology to help you foster great relationships with others by honoring their unique personality type. This program has helped me learn more about my children and how to honor them and motivate them in a way that makes them feel loved and appreciated! If you are looking to learn how to prepare your children for success based on what works best for THEM while increasing the peace in your house and decreasing your stress…then this is the program for you!

Big Life Journal

Packed with stories, poems, quotes, illustrations and writing prompts, this guided journal is the world’s first growth mindset book created specifically for kids. Growth mindset activities help children to recognize their ability to learn and motivates them to harness the power of their own mind. Through stories, kids will get inspired by failures and successes of people like Elon Musk, J.K. Rowling, Walt Disney, and others. With colorful illustrations, plenty of space to draw and write, and guided worksheets to help them discover important life lessons, this kid’s journal will help kids to enjoy learning. Both of my boys use this journal and I love that it helps foster a growth mindset while forcing them to think about how they can positively impact their communities and the world! As adults, we know the benefits of journaling, so set your children up for success by helping them start this positive habit early!


Grooming the Next Generation for Success


We are all doing our best to equip our children to succeed in life’s journey with the tools we’ve been given. Now there is finally a resources that shows you how to give your kids the best chance to get ahead in life! This program helps you prepare your children for success by focusing on the following areas: dreams and goals, self image, work ethic, people skills, discipline and accountability, money, nutrition, and spirituality. Whether your kids are newborns or out of the house, this program will give you key tools and strategies to help them learn how to have an amazing life…on purpose! So, if you’re feel defeated or discouraged as a parent then I highly encourage you to get this program and get started with it TODAY!

Young Living Essential Oils

As a parent, it is important for us to feel our best in order to be able to take care of our kids. We also want to make sure that we’re doing what we can do ensure that our kids are safe and healthy, and essential oils have helped our family do both! Whether we’re using them to help an upset stomach or to prevent a trip to the ER due to asthma, essential oils have become an essential part of our daily routine and we all love them!

Since I started doing research and became aware of the toxins that I was exposing my kids to through the products I was using in my house (soaps, lotions, cleaners, detergents, toothpastes, etc.), using essential oils has helped bring me peace knowing that I am now setting my kids up to be healthier and happier. If you are interested in using more natural products to benefit your child’s health and development, then make sure you go with the best of the best and check out the large variety of products that Young Living has to offer!







Beachbody Fitness & Nutrition Solutions


During each of my pregnancies I gained over 50 pounds, and with baby number four I managed to tip the scales at about 225 a month before she arrived. While recovering from a c-section wasn’t easy (and doing it four times was definitely rough on my body), I knew that I had the tools and support I needed to lose the weight each and every time! With the help of the Beachbody community and their top-of-the-line home workout programs, I have lost over 50 pounds after my last three babies! There are so many different workouts to choose from (super-hard, beginner level, dance workout, bootcamp style workout, martial arts inspired workouts, etc.) and because I can stream them from my computer, my phone, or my laptop – I can get them in no matter where I am! Beachbody also provides amazing nutritional supplements, like Shakeology, and easy-to-follow meal plans for a weight-loss solution that’s not just a quick fix, but it truly is a lifestyle change. PLUS, if you want to get the kids involved, there are plenty of programs that they can do with you – just ask my kids because they LOVE working out with me! Want to learn more about the different workout programs that you can choose from? Just click >>HERE<<

On-Line ESL Teaching Opportunity

If you are looking for a flexible, part-time work from home opportunity, then please keep reading! In 2017 I started working with an amazing company teaching with the English immersion program, and I absolutely LOVE IT!

The name of the company is VIPKID, and they hire the most amazingly talented people to teach English to children in China. They have offices in California and Beijing and hire teachers from all across the world to participate in the program. The company is actually #5 on the Forbes list of top 100 work-from-home companies and after my first month with them, I could totally see why! Not only do they allow you to set your own schedule (which was HUGE for me), the classes don’t require a lot of prep time and the 1-1 environment allows us to really make an impact with the students we work with.

The company offers tons of bonuses and incentives, so while your base pay might be between $14-$20 an hour, you have the chance to earn an extra $8/hour AND there is an additional incentive for sharing the opportunity with your friends & family members!

The hardest thing about the job is literally the interview process, but if this sounds like something that you’d be interested in pursuing, I would love to help walk you through the process and share some tips/tricks that helped me (and tons of others) get hired! You can apply to become a VIPKID teacher >> HERE << and then just email me so that we can set up a time to chat!