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Hey, hey, hey!!! Welcome to my crazy, fun-filled, and often dysfunctional journey through motherhood! My name is Domari and I am a Christian wife and homeschooling mom of 4 (wait, that sounds like I homeschool all 4 doesn’t it? Actually, only the middle two are homeschooled right now and #4 will be too once she gets a little older). In my previous life I taught middle and high school math, but now I spend most of my time running my businesses and momming (you know….looking for pacifiers, putting down toilet seats, chauffeuring teenagers around town, trying to rekindle the flame with my hubby…all that good stuff).

I started this blog because when I tell people about the craziness that happens in my life they always laugh and say, “I thought I was the only one who deals with that.” So I got to thinking (which can sometimes be dangerous), and I realized that there are probably a bunch of awesome mommies out there who are dealing with varying levels of dysfunction on a daily basis, but feeling bad about it because they’re constantly comparing themselves to some seemingly perfect mom’s IG feed or FB page (and let’s not even get started on how Pinterest makes us all feel like failures). I wanted to give a voice to all of the hot mess moms out there and let them know that they are not alone. There are a bunch of us who are screwing this momming thing up every single day and it’s time for us to ban together and own our dysfunction….hell, it’s time to CELEBRATE it!!!

So, I am here for you – not to share the highlight reel of my journey as a mom, but to share the real, raw, dirty (and why is it always SOOOO freaking dirty??) truth of what moms around the world are really dealing with……because it’s not always pretty…..but it is always worth it (at least that’s what “they” tell me).

Since I totally know that you’re going to stick around (otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten this far down the page) let me just share a little disclaimer:

  • If you’re looking for style tips, then you’re in the wrong place (unless you want to know more about cute graphic tees and comfy sweatpants because I’m all over those)
  • If you’re looking for a blog that is politically correct, then you’re still in the wrong place (I’m sure to offend someone every so often, and I’m totally ok with that).
  • If you’re looking for a place where moms can be real and don’t have to be perfect, where kids are allowed (and even encouraged) to be a lil’ crazy, where life often seems dysfunctional, and run-on sentences are used like they’re going out of style….then take off your coat and stay awhile, because you can totally be a part of our super awesome #momsquad!

So, grab your favorite mug and fill it with your favorite drink (yes, alcohol is totally allowed at this party)…pull up a seat and get comfy because we are going to have a blast!!

Now, let’s get this party started!!!

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