The Parent Empowerment Academy

Equipping parents with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to help their children be successful in school

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What the Academy offers:


In-depth weekly trainings that provide background information and key concepts related to the various Domains of Learning.


Age appropriate activities to implement at home with your child while fostering a love for learning and the skills they will need to succeed in school.


An exclusive Facebook community with parents and Early Childhood Education experts who provide continuous support and encouragement.



A comprehensive list of resources that you can utilize to help enhance your child’s learning and give them a head start once they start school.


With over 15 years of experience helping school districts, curriculum companies, principals, school leadership teams and teachers increase student achievement, I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and passion to help empower parents as their children’s first teachers. 

I look forward to working with families to help prepare their children for school success while building a community focused on equipping children to excel in the classroom and lead the next generation with honor, integrity and love!

Don’t wait until your children have started school to figure out what they need to be successful –
help them get a jumpstart by exposing them to the tools, strategies and mindset that will put
them ahead of their classmates once they’re in school. Join the Academy today!


“I have truly been enjoying The Parent Empowerment Academy! I’m a new mom to a miracle baby . We moved over 2000 miles away from family and friends then we found out we were expecting, not much to lean on being this is my first rodeo. Since joining The Parent Empowerment Academy, I found out that I was on track for the most part and then other things I was completely oblivious and clueless. Domari has laid things out step by step in a way that is helpful in my parenting and also doesn’t over power my preference with her style. She is very supportive and provides so much value in helping me get our daughter set up for success. One of the things I love most about the PE Academy is that Domari has provided enough information for me to grow into with out daughter being so young. So if you are not quiet sure how to groom your little one for success, I highly recommend that you join the PE Academy today and let Domari help you right where you are.” ~Karena B.