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“My son is doing so much better. I stopped yelling and took your advice about encouraging him more. I don’t fuss, I just speak softly to him. He does more of what I want him to do now and I only have to ask him 2 times instead of 50! lol Thank you for your help. It’s brought us closer.”

Teki H.

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Domari Dickinson is a parenting coach and mom of four who helps moms identify and break toxic parenting patterns. After working as an educator and instructional coach for over 15 years, Domari decided to use her teaching and curriculum design skills to create programs that provide parents with clear, easy-to-implement techniques to become more positive, purposeful, and effective parents.


Through her parenting programs, workshops, online challenges, and 1-on-1 coaching, Domari has helped countless parents across the United States navigate the everyday challenges of life with kids using proven, research-based strategies. She is passionate about building a community of women who are committed to challenging popular parenting norms as they groom their kids for success in a loving, peaceful, and respectful home environment.

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