#ChallengeOfTheWeek¬†– What’s Great About Your Family?

No family is perfect, but there is not another just like yours. Through the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, your family is yours ’til the end! I’m sure there are times when you wish you could trade in some of your family members (no? Just me?), but I’m sure there are also times when they make you proud to claim them.

This week, I challenge you to celebrate what’s GREAT about your family! Take some time to identify¬†what makes each family member unique…and then share your list with them! Don’t limit this to your children or your spouse, extend the kindness to your siblings, aunts/uncles, grandparents and cousins too! Whether you give them a call or head over to their house, take the time to brighten your family members’ day by telling them why you think they are awesome!

We know how easy it is to hand out corrections and complaints, but what would happen if we focused instead on encouraging and uplifting our family members?

CHALLENGE EXTENSION: Instead of just sharing a kind word once, do you think you can find at least one nice thing to say about each of your family members EVERY DAY this week? Who’s up for that challenge?

I would love to hear about all of the awesome ways you are able to edify your family members this week, so please be sure to come back and share!