#ChallengeOfTheWeek – Listen
One of the skills that is crucial to your child’s educational success, whether she is in Pre-K or the 12th grade, is listening. This is actually a skill, that if mastered, will help your child stand out in school and in life in general!
You see, listening skills are essential to learning. Children who listen well not only develop strong language abilities, but they find gaining knowledge in any subject easier and less stressful.
Although the typical baby is born a listener (a newborn baby’s auditory system is the most strongly developed of all the sensory systems), if parents aren’t diligent about encouraging children to develop their listening skills then by the time the children enter school they will already be behind.
So, in order to help make sure that our kids are AHEAD of their peers and not behind, this week’s challenge is about modeling what good listening skills look/sound like.
But, in order for you to listen, you first have to give someone else the opportunity to speak. This means taking the time to ask your child for her opinion on things….and actually listening to what she has to say. Especially, when it comes to those issues that directly impact her (punishments, rewards, meals, schedules, extra curricular activities, etc.), ask your child what she thinks and really consider her opinion. Include her thoughts in your decision making process to help her feel listened to and valued.
This also means continuing with last week’s challenge to be present. When you are being a good listener you are focused on the person talking and not allowing other people (or devices) to steal your attention.
So, are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to start asking questions and LISTENING for the answers? Or are you going to trust that your child will learn this important skill from someone else?
If you accept the challenge, be sure to come back and share how you’ve been listening to your child AND how she has responded!