#ChallengeOfTheWeek – Summer Learning

Whether you already have your entire summer scheduled down to the hour, or your plan is just to wing it – this week’s challenge not only adds an academic component to your summertime fun, but it also teaches your child(ren) about goal setting!

This week I challenge you to set at least ONE summer learning goal for your child(ren) and come up with a way to track it as well as a reward system to help your child(ren) celebrate along the way.

You can choose to focus on any area that you feel would be most beneficial to your child(ren) (math, science, reading, writing, social development, art, engineering, growth mindset, health & fitness, etc) and make sure to make it FUN!!

So, maybe you want to help your child increase her confidence when it comes to school, so you set a goal to do at least one growth mindset activity per week. You can have your child make a chart to track the activities, and at the end of each activity you can have her make a cool visual reward that she can post around the house as a reminder of the benefits of practicing a growth mindset.

Or maybe your child struggled in math and you want to help him work on some basic facts, so you set a goal to have him complete a fact sheet in under a minute with 90% accuracy. You can have him make a graph of his scores/times each week and then allow him to choose a reward that he can earn each time he hits 90% in under a minute.

Or maybe you want to make sure your child isn’t sitting in front of a screen all summer, so you set a goal to have her read 50 books before the end of August. You can have her come up with a cool tracker to keep track of the books she reads (maybe the title, # of pages, main characters, beginning, middle, end) and then set up rewards that she can earn for every 5 books she reads.

There are SOOOOO many ways that you can approach this challenge, and whether your child is 1 or 21 they can benefit from some fun summer learning!

Once your family has set a summer learning goal, be sure to come back to the group and share it so that we can help cheer you along!!