#ChallengeOfTheWeek – Pay Attention

With the amount of technology we have access to on a daily basis, it is totally possible for a person to not go more than 30 minutes without using some form of electronic device (smart phone, tablet, computer, television, laptop, etc.).

Although these devices can be helpful in so many different ways, we have to be careful that they aren’t having a negative impact on the relationships that we have with our children. Not only is it important for us to make sure that we’re not allowing these amazing devices to consume our children’s lives, but we have to make sure that they aren’t consuming ours either.

This week I challenge you to put the devices down and be fully present for your children as much as possible. Put the phone down when you are asking your child to do something…pause that TV show so that you can answer his questions…choose to walk away from the laptop at bedtime instead of making him wait another 15 minutes before story time.

Make it your goal this week to give your child your undivided attention whenever possible – and especially when you can see that it’s important to him.

As you go through this week and find ways to be present while spending time with your child, be sure to make a note so that you can come back and share about the experience with us!