Yesterday, 3 out of 4 of my kids started swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School (Kaniah’s too old to participate, so we’re still working on finding someone to teach her how to swim). We’re going to a band new location (like, it literally just opened last week) that is absolutely beautiful, and despite my fear that the kids would be too terrified to even try, they all LOVED it!!!!

Cayden and Kameron had an amazing teacher, and despite a few tears from Kam (afterwards he told me that he was afraid of drowning, which is a pretty legit fear so I guess the tears were warranted) they both walked away from their first class with smiles on their faces and kudos from their teacher.

For the past few weeks we’ve been using bath time to prepare Kori for this moment, so she was actually more comfortable in the water than I expected! It took her a few minutes to warm up to her teacher (and being in a pool that is substantially bigger than our tub), but once she realized that she could get cheers and smiles for splashing (instead of me trying to convince her to stop) she was all in!!

The classes were only 30 minutes long, but because all 3 kids did great I decided to commemorate the occasion with a picture in front of their super-cute backdrop. Now, if you’re a mom who’s ever posted a pic of your kids on Facebook then you know that getting a Facebookable shot the first time is like getting 100 points the first time you throw the skee ball… rarely happens. So, while I posted our “first day of swim school” pic on Facebook (link) I wanted to share the pics that didn’t make the cut – because as always, there were quite a few.

Photo #1
My initial thoughts:

  • Why is Cayden looking at the pool? He’s probably trying to figure out how he can convince me to let him have an extra 30 minutes….
  • I thought I got Kori to stop banging on her brother’s head….guess not.
  • Kameron is doing a little too much with that “say cheese” face
  • OMG – this picture makes me look like I’m pregnant with baby #5….let me find someone to block my belly
  • Let’s try again…

Photo #2
My initial thoughts:

  • What? Why did Kaniah take a picture? Clearly I was just trying to get someone to stand in front of me and cover my belly
  • Oh look….Cayden’s actually looking at the camera now
  • LOL – Kori is still trying to bang on Kameron’s head…..I bet she’s trying to get him back for something he did to her when I wasn’t looking
  • Let’s try again..

Photo #3
My initial thoughts:

  • Awwww…..I look cute….and the boys are actually looking at the camera!
  • Kameron’s face is a little better, still kind of crazy….but better
  • Ugh….Kori is looking at daddy who thinks making funny faces is going to help her take a better picture (it DID get her to smile, but not at the camera)
  • Let’s try again….

Photo #4
My initial thoughts:

  • Ok, my belly is almost covered…that looks much better
  • My smile is cute
  • Dang it… NONE of the kids are looking at the camera
  • And Kameron has that crazy “I just farted and I know they’re all going to smell it real soon” smile on his face
  • Let’s try again…

Photo #5
My initial thoughts:

  • Dang….the boys really need haircuts
  • Wait….why aren’t any of the kids looking at the camera???
  • Do I REALLY need a picture to capture this moment? I mean, aren’t we going to be coming back here every week? Can’t we just try again next week?
  • Ok….focus, Domari…..let’s try again…

Photo #6
My initial thoughts:

  • Really, Cayden? REALLY?
  • Let’s try again…

Photo #7
My initial thoughts:

  • OMG! Whose kids are these? Didn’t your parents teach you how to smile for a picture???
  • I quit
  • But Facebook needs to see how happy we are in this moment, so let’s try again…

Photo #8
My initial thoughts:

  • Oh dang. Based on Kameron’s face that might have been more than just a fart. I think we need to wrap this up ASAP
  • But first…..let’s try again…

Photo #9

My initial thoughts:

  • As soon as we get home I’m making Kameron practice his smile in the mirror for a few hours
  • What’s Kori looking at?
  • You know what? Screw it. I don’t even care any more. This is good enough.

And on that note, we packed up our bags and went home for lunch!! 🙂

Has this ever happened to your family? If so, we’d love to hear the story and see some pics so share them in the comments below!