Mother’s Day 2016. This marks my fifteenth year as a mom, and over that time I’ve come to the realization that….

Mother’s Day is basically just another day.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a little sneak peek into my Mother’s Day…..




10:22 am
Kori wakes up. At that exact same time I realized that I had to poop (like, can’t hold it, gotta go now poop) and since she wouldn’t let me put her down without crying loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood, she had to come with me.




10:33 am
I hear Kaniah screaming bloody murder (it seriously sounded like she was being attacked), so I run into her room to discover that there’s spider on her wall. I HATE spiders, but I had to put on my Supermom hat because she was freaking out. So, I grabbed a shoe (one of hers of course), climbed up on the bed to kill the spider…..only, I didn’t kill it. I tried to kill it…..but when I tried to hit it with the shoe it fell onto or behind her bed (we weren’t quite sure), so she’s already put me on notice that she will be sleeping in my room tonight.

Oh yeah….if you’re thinking…..”It doesn’t look like Domari’s wearing a bra”, then you’d be correct. Mother’s Day bonus, baby!



10:47 am
Cleaning the kitchen so that I can make a special Mother’s Day breakfast.

Just kidding…

I’m not making anything special….we just didn’t have enough clean bowls for cereal and oatmeal.



11:18 am
Dishes washed, time to make oatmeal….and of course cereal because my baby boy doesn’t eat oatmeal unless absolutely necessary (and I don’t feel like fighting that fight today).

Yep – cooking breakfast on Mother’s Day (I think I get an award or something for that, right?)




11:43 am
I realized that no one has clean clothes to wear tomorrow, so I go to start a load of laundry only to discover that there’s already a load in the washing machine….from 2? Maybe 3 days ago? So, instead of getting started on the mountain of laundry that’s been piling up all week, I rewash the load from last week.



12:18 pm
Time to catching up on my Chicago Fire/Chicago PD/Chicago Med shows! Of course ALL of the kids wanted to jump in the bed with me because there’s no way that I’d actually get to hear the shows as I watch them.

Oh yeah – we were going to take a really cute pic, but as Kameron was getting into position he rubbed his ringworm infested head across my mouth….and even though the doc said it’s not contagious any more, I still felt some type of way.

12:25 pm
Took the first load of clothes out, and put the second one in

12:33 pm
Paused the show because Kameron reminded me that I forgot to give them their ringworm medicine

2:11 pm
Put the second load of clothes into the washing machine




2:57 pm
Took my scarf off, put on a bra, popped in my contacts and headed to Pizza Hut to pick up lunch (and dinner….I already hit my cooking quota for the day with that amazing breakfast I put together).






3:30 pm
Scarf back on…..Chicago Med back on….the big kids are fed and the little one is eating….

it’s time to relax!












3:33 pm
Cracked open my first bottle of wine (it was my Mother’s Day gift to myself).






5:33 pm
Put load #3 into the washing machine.
Cued up the next episode of Chicago Med.
Finished the first bottle of wine and opened the second.
Still in my bed chillin’….





?:?? pm
And everything else is kind of a blur….
I remember my husband coming home from work……Kaniah reminded me to set my alarm for tomorrow……but that’s about it LOL


So, I showed you mine…..will you show me yours? If you had a REGULAR Mother’s Day too, I’d love to hear/see your highlights from the day!